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Mm ... icons.


by [ profile] beej
It's so *pretty*. I'm not sure if it comes from a bigger piece/version of fanart, but I just love it. The artist got him pefect: posture, hair, body shape, everything. And I love that wistful, starry, pastel background.

Oldeset icon:

Taken from this flash cartoon called "The End of the World". It's funny, 'cause I just had the urge to watch this earlier today and it still cracks me up.

Newest icon:

I'm not much of a 'gamer' really, waaay more into Nintendo/Mario. But I love that damn 1-Up mushroom ;)

Saddest icon:

I don't really have any 'sad' icons, but I guess this would be the closest. It's kind of lonely and cold looking. Taken from screencap of Hard Core Logo.

Happiest icon:

Swooning!Callum. And he, of course, is swooning for Hugh ;)

Angriest icon:

Again, I don't really have any angry icons, but I guess this is the closest. And of course, it would be Fodney :D

Cutest icon:
This one would be a tie between Soda pup and John eating a powerbar. Both kind of have the same hair >_>
Sexiest icon:


Most Humourous icon:
These darn birds will always crack me up xDD

Favourite Ship icon:

by [ profile] jcjoeyfreak
Not too shippy, but shippy all the same. I love both their poses, the colours, the look on John's face :)

Icon Most Used:

by [ profile] beej
Without a doubt. To the point where I can't even speculate on what's second-most-used.

Favourite Icon I Made:

I like how the colours turned out in this one, all golden and soft. I like the "WTF? For the Birds" one mentioned above, too.

Favourite Icon of the Moment:

by [ profile] beej

Favourite Overall:

by [ profile] beej

How many icons do you have total? 49.

How many can you have? 54.

If you could buy space for more, would you? At this time, I haven't, even though I can. Just because I tend to use solely my default and rarely venture outside of that. I can't imagine ever needing more than 100.

Do your icons make a statement about you? About the usual, I guess. Fandoms, interets, preferred style, colour, tastes. If you look at my icon page and glance down the list, you can definitely see where my fandom interests shifted from HCL to House to Stargate, etc.

What fandom/person do you have the most icons of? Stargate: Atlantis at 15, with HCL following close behind at 11.

What ship do you have the most icons of? SGA and House are both tied at two :)

How do you categorize your icons? By emotion/purpose and fandom.

Are your icons mostly made by other users? Just a little under half of them are.

Do you make icons? Yup.

Are they any good? They're alright xD
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