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First off, I loved certain parts of this episode, I really really did, and some parts ... not so much :p

Thoughts/spoilers behind the cut; no Keller love. So .... yeah, Keller fans might want to move on lol

The Shrine )
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very minor spoilers (taken from Mallozzi's blog) )

ETA: Okay, not so much a rant as a ... brief, spastic vent.
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How much would John Sheppard love an Iron Man suit ;)?
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No one tagged me, but I'm doing it anyway because I think it's a great one. Also, there are people I want to tag, so y'all better do it!!

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[ profile] visionshadows, [ profile] jcjoeyfreak, [ profile] iterationzero, [ profile] fayemeadows, [ profile] waryne, [ profile] veracity, [ profile] strippedhalo, [ profile] offonmars!! And anyone else who wants to do it please! :D
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After seeing the photographs [ profile] strippedhalo has been taking (one a day for a whole year), I thought I'd give it a shot, too. Mostly because I think it'll be something really cool to look back on once the year is over. Hopefully I actually keep up with it, and/or don't end up with 360 pictures of Soda. But! To get started, here's yesterday's and today's:

pictures! )

Not much to report with me. Work is irritating lately because there have been so many screw-ups with my schedule/timesheet that it's not even funny, but I'm going to talk to the boss on Monday so hopefully everything will get fixed then. I did some spring cleaning on Friday so my room is nice and clean! Also - I washed clothing, always a plus :q

For those who celebrate, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter ^_^
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Oh why. Why was I not TOLD?

And Haim is the Oscar? :O??

My world. She is blown. My 80's world anyway.

ETA: OMG it's so scripted and contrived, I know, but the Coreys are fighting :(!!

And now Haim is leaving with his little bag and they're playing SAD WALKING AWAY MUSIC. And now they did just a montage of the Coreys all loving each other and hugging.

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All this snow better not prevent me from getting my Smash Bros. Brawl tomorrow!!
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I'm thinking about participating in [ profile] sgabigbang, but man ... 40,000 words is a LOT. I mean ... a lot a lot. I've been in fandom for a really long time and the longest completed work I have is my eXistenZ story which clocks in at just over 17,000.

Still, it seems like fun, and I like the idea of having someone do fanart for something I write :>
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I'm making this post from my iPod, wee! It is pretty nifty but this keyboard will take some getting used to. I look forward to a time when wifi will be as easily and widely accessible as radio signals. But for now I thank Second Cup for their consideration ;)


Feb. 29th, 2008 11:57 pm
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iPod users! Is there any easier way to get album art onto your iPod other than dragging and dropping it onto each individual song? Like, if I have an album with 12 songs, I find I have to drag and drop the art to EACH song for it to register. Isn't there anyway just to do it an album at a time?

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[hugs my beautiful smart flist]

Thanks for the help on the previous riddle posted, it took a good FIVE YEARS off my life. But luckily they came off the end and those are probably crappy anyway.

The thing is, I got as far as:

case = x
(300 + x) + x = 310


But yeah, it wasn't computing. Hehe.

It all comes from this DS game called, wait for it, Professor Layton & the Curious Town.


Hi. I'm 26 years old :D


Feb. 27th, 2008 03:14 am
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Okay, so normally I'm pretty good with the puzzles/riddles, and I dunno, guys, I DUNNO, maybe it's because it's late and I haven't had enough sleep but I just can't figure this one out and I swear to God I'm just - I'm going to lose it. You are all very smart, SO PLZ - PLZ HALP:

While walking through a market on vacation, you notice a small stand selling cameras. A camera-and-case set is selling for $310. The seller tells you that the camera costs $300 more than the case itself and that the case costs the price of the set minus the cost of the camera.

You decide you'd rather wait on buying a camera and opt to just by the case alone. You hand the seller a $100 bill and see his eyes light up. Think fast now! How much change should you be getting back?

The answer is an actual dollar amount, so it's none of that 'oh they don't take $100 dollar bills' or something like that. And omg, I just know it's going to be something so painfully obvious I'll feel like even more of a dumbass afterwards.

Help me! Help me before I lose my mind [cries]

[hobbles off to bed]


Feb. 26th, 2008 06:33 pm
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I have the dreded 1-9PM shift at work all this week and next week, and boooo - sux0rs, I hatez it, I does. And the week after that I have Wednesday off and work the Saturday. So yes, expect another rambly post from me at that time.

The only good thing about workng this shift is that I get to sleep in and it gets kind of quiet around here, less people calling definitely. But still, starting so late just sorta fills up your whole day, 'cause from the minute you wake up you're just waiting to go into work!

I look forward to Kindred II this Friday, I enjoyed Kindred I but it felt a lot like build-up for the last two episodes of the season, which I can understand was necessary. I hope we get a nice pay-off!! Looking back on the season so far, I can't help but feel like the first half was way stronger than the second, but overall a good year. I hope next year we get more team-focus though, and that we see some more variety in the type of planets/aliens they encounter.

[watches clock, twiddles thumbs]

Last Man

Feb. 26th, 2008 12:08 am
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"Last Man" pic behind the cut, it's just a shot of John Sheppard (looking hot and awesome), just very slightly spoilery.

Last Man pic )
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I love how that colour sounds, all steely and aggressive and powerful, but really - it's just grey. Still, it brings forward all kinds of connotations :q And it's one of the colours you can get the Motorola Razr2 in.

I've had this fic in my head for ages, and maybe one of these days I'll even write it, but in it Ronon wears a black jacket, black slacks, and a gunmetal grey coloured shirt, topped off, of course, with a pair dark sunglasses.

For he is Ronon: the bodyguard.


Feb. 19th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Clearly, I am slacking. Therefore: fuck, cunt, dick, ass, shit, whore, damn, bastard, bitch, mitten!


ETA: Ha! )
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Sexism = hatred and discrimination towards a person based on their sex rather than individual merit.

Feminism = concerns/theories/cultural & political movements/philosophies regarding gender inequalities and equal rights for women.

Using the word "sexism" or calling a person/writer/television show sexist with very little thought, purpose, or consideration as to what that word means, robs it of some of its power. It also does nothing to educate on, bring awareness to, or empower feminism.

Just saying.
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I has coffee \^_^/!!

I was one of the people who downloaded the advanced copy of “Midway” and omg – this totally shoots up to one of my favourite episodes of the season so far. My love for Carl Binder knows no bounds. I mean, I love Gero, because the dude can pack quite the emotional wallop (although he has a bad habit of, you know, killing people), but he tends to be a bit uneven. He needs work on pacing and balance in his episodes, because it seems sort of all over the place at times.

But Binder. Oh, oh, Binder. “Midway” was more like watching a mini-movie than a 45 minutes television episode. It had the perfect balance of humour, action, and characterization. Everyone had their role, and their time, and it was just fun to watch. And Binder brings the Mckay/Rodney just as much as Gero does.

Spoilers-for-Midway )
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So, like, a few days ago I was at Wal-Mart with my mom in the pet aisle, and we were getting these bones for Soda, and like - it TOTALLY WOULDN'T COME OFF THE SILVER HOOK THINGY. And I, not being in the best of moods as it was, was all :B!!'ng and 'omg you WILL COME OFF ROIT NOW' and I YANKED it and they went FLYING! And I was all \>_</!

A bit frustrated, yes xD?

Then I picked up the bones I dropped and turned around, and a free sample lady was standing at the head of the aisle, behind her little counter thing, with free samples of granola bars and was all O_O at me and I sheepishly walked away.


ALSO. I finally changed my e-mail address for my LJ notifications so now they'll actually come to the email that I CHECK which I imagine will be all kinds of useful ^___^

Does anybody know that site where you can enter in your LJ name and it lets you know who's friended you and defriended you and wot not? Because ... yes, I would like to know xDDD


Also, where be all the hot men? On Stargate I mean, outside of the regular cast. Because hay - John, Ronon, Rodney, Lorne, they are all good. But whenever they go off-world, all the scientists and such they meet on other planets are CHICKS. EVERY DAMN TIME. There's never a hot male guest star is all I'm sayin'. Just once I want John to be held hostage by the sexy MALE alien.

Bah *back to work*.
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