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In other news - I am bored >_-


Apr. 22nd, 2005 09:31 am
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Today I get to leave work early again because I gotta haul butt over to U of T to hand in my teacher's college info. So yay! Any excuse to blow this popsicle stand, for reals.

And, um, another ghetto drawing! I continue to try and find ways to avoid drawing faces, bodies and, well ... anything that requires real skill XD

Oh noes, Hugh has discovered Paul spying on him and Callum, and he is opening up a can! Or Paul is opening up a can! Either way, there's some can opening going on!

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Hugh and Callum! Making out in the backseat of a car! And, um, that lumpy thing on the right is supposed to be Paul spying from behind a bush.


Apr. 21st, 2005 03:29 pm
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My drawing skillz kick like shazbot, yo.

Okay - so this is more a 'no work to be done, half hour 'till quitting time, ooh - scanner!' type thing.

If I actually had any drawing talent, I think I'd be drawing cartoon!rps all the time.

Um, this is supposed to be Hugh and Callum btw, not that you can tell by looking at the picture. And they're *singing*! And Hugh's flipping you off!


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