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So according to Mallozzi's blog "he imagined" John to be the older brother.

And ... no. Fail *smacks hand*. Bad, Mallozzi!

From the scenes the two had together, I totally did not get the impression that John was the older one.
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According to [ profile] jcjoeyfreak someone on a message board pointed out that John's car in "Outcast" had Maryland plates, although I don't think it's specified anywhere in the episode if he's actually from there. But it reminded me of a song that I used to really like when I was younger, called "Maryland" and it was by an artist named Vonda Shepard. And it made me dig through my CDs to find the song, but dude, a sample of the lyrics:

Maryland, I'm coming home
Never worry about what I did wrong
And that I'll never be what my daddy wanted me to be
And I'll never see what my mama's dreams were

Pretty strong coincidence, no? ;)


I wanna fly
I wanna fly down the highway to my home away from home
This funky funky club on Fairfax Avenue to see you
I'll never give up
Because what is there to give up anyway
I'm just working for a living working for my pay
In Maryland it's raining somewhere in some cafe

It really is a lovely song, I've uploaded here: hxxp://


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