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Today is turning out to be a not-so-bad day at work. The first two hours were ho hum, and then I taught and had lunch, and now I'm doing more *%#@% data entry. Why is this a not-so-bad day then, you ask? Why, because there's no boss around to harrass me. And why is that? Because he's taking a nap on a lawn chair in one of the classrooms.

No, I am not kidding.

The lawn chair was yellow.

I need to start work on one of those challenges I signed up for XD. The FreeVerse one is definitely my priority because I can't really do anything about the [ profile] midsummer_santa one yet, and the [ profile] stop_drop_porn one has yet to tag me. Man, I'm itching to write, I really am, but things seem a bit backed up. When I get home, hopefully plopping down on the couch with a cold drink and the dawg will get those creative juices flowing.

Speaking of the dawg - she passed her final exam at obedience school (with flying colours I might add *is proud mommy*) but she was totally robbed for a tie of first place in the "sit and stay" competition. It had come down to her and this other dog (a yellow lab) and she was being all patient and good, and the instructor was very impressed. She was counting down the seconds to one minute, and was going "5, 4, 3 - " when this KID came off the sidelines (she as like 3) and totally waved this ribbon in Soda's face. And Soda moved fretfully back.

Like, what the fuck? LEASH YOUR KID!

It's okay though. I know she would have done it.


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