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I went to PETsMART today and Soda was walking towards the enterance when this OTHER dog was coming out. This was a big dog, people. Like his head was as big as her entire body.

And he started BARKING at her omg! And he was on a leash but he might as well not have been because he comes charging at her barking his head off and his owner is smiling like it's some big fucking joke and Soda is freaking out and running around me, tangling up the leash, and i'm trying to reel her in but she's still freaked the fuck out. I couldn't even catch her, she was so scared, and this FUCKING LADY WITH HER FUCKING BIG BULLY OF A DOG WAS STILL SMILING GRRRRRR!

This other lady who had been leaving the store got between me and the owner, during which time the owner got away. I was freaked for Soda at the time, but when I finally got a hold of her, grr, so so so pissed.

Also, she started barking spastically at the kitchen today. Which is weird because she's not a barker, at all, and it was this different, lower bark. And she had started barking after doing this ... sudden stop thing (she'd been chasing her ball), like she'd run into something. Weirdness.

If I have a ghost or a dead person, I'll be very upset.

[shakes fist]
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so crate training thus far:

soda: [cries]
dayse: [tries to ignore]
soda: [cries some more]
dayse: [tries to ignore]
soda: [digs at big cushion in crate blocking off part of it, cries]
dayse: omg gonna cave must resist
soda: [cries] [cries] [cries] [cries] x million
dayse: [is strong]
soda: [stops crying]
dayse: [lets out of crate] omg, must ignore for a couple of min -
soda: [sits and stares at me imploringly]


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